A New Fashion World

The Journey:

It was a surreal experience for us to finally be able to bring our vision for our brand to life, and we could not be happier with the results. I always go back to a quote by Andy Rooney in which he states “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.” That sentence perfectly summarizes our journey. It was hard and with various bumps in the road, but in the face of it all we have grown immensely and learned a lot about ourselves and our capabilities. We are still at the starting point of this magnificent road ahead, and we are happy to take you along this journey with us.

The Idea:

When thinking of our first campaign, it was major milestone that needed to be properly celebrated. Our concept was of a woman that is confident in her own skin, and walks along a path she believes in to find herself, no matter what challenges she might face. You will find that in the styling of the outfits, makeup and hair where it is sometimes feminine, and often times it will have an edge to it, celebrating the different sides to every woman.

The Shoot:

It was an obvious choice for us to go with Bahrain as the location for our first campaign shoot, with its melting pot of cultures and nationalities and its easygoing lifestyle, that resembles our own group of designers where each one of them comes from a different background, culture and country.

Joining forces with creative talents that believed in our idea, and our vision we set out on a wonderful Friday morning with the support of our family and friends. We are excited to finally be able to share the end product with you, and the good news is some of the pieces are available now !
Photography by: Bader Alwazeer. Instagram: Bader_Photo
Makeup by: Huda AlMudawib. Instagram: Noor_Alhuda777
Hair by: Khatoon. Instagram: Khatoon_Hairstylist_
 Look 1: Top and Skirt by Vania Romoff
Look 2: Coat and Dress by Bedouin Studios, Bag by Exocet.  
 Look 3: Top by Balossa, Skirt by Gwen Salakaia, Bracelet by Alienina 
Look 4: Top and Skirt by Bedouin Studios, Jacket by Goto Asato, Bag by Exocet. 
Look 6: Top by Gwen Salakaia, Culottes by Bedouin Studios, Bag by Exocet
Look 7: Dress and Belt by Goto Asato 
Look 8: Top by Vania Romoff, Culottes by N12H. 
Look 9: Top by N12H, Culottes by Bedouin Studios.
Look 10: Shirt by Balossa, Culottes by N12H, Necklace by Alienina.